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  1. Are the rumors true, will Payoneer start to send the data about their users from Serbia to the Tax Government in Serbia?

We’ve never been contacted by Serbian Tax Authorities with any kind of such requests, we are not obliged to share any kind of information about our users with Serbian Tax authorities, and we don’t share this information. But we can’t talk publically on our internal procedures on what exactly we will do and what would be our flow in case of getting such request in the future.

Payoneer continues to monitor these matters to comply with applicable laws and regulations. We encourage you to consult with your tax advisor as it is the responsibility of each Payoneer user to comply with local regulations and tax requirements.

  • Are there any benefits for loyal users regarding the fees or account maintenance?

We do not have any account maintenance fees, there is only an annual fee for Payoneer card, which is opt-in and you are not obliged to order it.

If your monthly receiving volume exceeds $20K you can apply to get a discount for withdraw to a bank fee.

Recently Serbian users have the opportunity to use special conditions, such as bonuses and lower transaction fees. All Pausal users have special benefits like 0% USD loading fee and 1.8% withdraw to bank fee, as you can see here.

  • What are the costs for currency exchange from GBP to EUR?

You can exchange currencies between your Payoneer balances inside Payoneer account according to the mid-market rate at the time of the operation, plus 0.5% Payoneer fee. Before exchanging, you can check the amount that you will receive with this action, by managing currencies in your account. See the steps on how to do this in our blog.

  • What information about the account should I give to the customer so he can perform the payment? Is this information in Global payment service?

It depends on the account setting, customer location and payment method. More information about how to get paid with Payoneer, you may find here.

  •  What is the difference between personal and business account? Are there any special conditions and are there any delays in this process comparing to the personal account?

Basically, there is no difference between these 2 types of account.

If you plan to receive funds as a company, it is better to open an account under the company name. So if account holder will need to provide some statements, for example, to the tax authority, name in the statement will be the same under which opening account.

  • Does Payoneer plan to offer loans or credits for loyal users with stable incomes?

For now, we don’t provide these services.

However, Payoneer recently launched few products like “Capital Advance” for ecommerce sellers that aim to help with funding their cash flow and growing their business. We already offer this for sellers from CEE. We are exploring the ways of how we can provide similar services also to IT and outsourcing companies.

  • If a client sends a payment in USD, but the only accounts available are in EUR and GBP, will Payoneer do the conversion automatically or is there some procedure that needs to be done?

By default, the Payoneer account always has USD balance. If that’s not the case, please contact customer support.

  • What are the costs of ATM withdrawal and using the debit card for payments?

You can find detailed information in our support center.

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