Payoneer odgovara – Prvi deo

U toku jula meseca, imali ste prilike da postavljate pitanja Payoneer timu, a sada je došao red i na njihove odgovore! Pred vama je samo deo pitanja koja zanimaju korisnike i odgovori koji će rešiti neke od vaših nedoumica, bilo da već koristite Payoneer ili razmišljate o tome.

  • If the Payoneer Master card is expiring in two months and a new one is ordered, will the funds automatically transfer to the new card or will the new one be available for use after the old one expires?

The current card will remain enabled until customer receives and activates the new card, after which account balance and payment methods will be automatically transferred to the new card and old card will be blocked.

  • Is it possible to open a Payoneer account and receive Payoneer Master card without leaving the information about the domestic bank account?

Customer can’t avoid this step, they need to provide all requested information in the registration form.

  • Will the new debit cards have a contactless payment technology?

Yes, sure. All new Payoneer’s cards already issuing are with Contactless technologies.

  • How long does it take to transfer the funds from Payoneer to the bank account?

The funds will reach bank account 2-5 business days after customer receives withdrawal confirmation email.

  • When the debit card expires, will Payoneer send new one automatically or should she be ordered? Will this be covered by the annual maintenance fee that has been paid at the beginning of this year or this will be an additional cost?

We do not send cards automatically. 90 days before the expiration date of your Payoneer Prepaid Card, an option to order a new card will appear in your Payoneer account. We do not charge an additional fee for ordering a new card if the reason is Card expiration.

  • Can Payoneer debit card have problems with certain ATM’s, i.e. banks? For several months there is a problem with Telenor ATM in Serbia that rejects the transaction and reserves our funds for 10 days.

From our side, we didn’t have a restriction. This question should be checked directly with the ATM operator.

  • If the daily limit for withdraw is $2.500, can I withdraw this amount in one transaction or does it have to be multiple times (for example, 5×500$)?

You may withdrawal the whole amount by one transaction, if the operator of ATM doesn’t have restrictions on their end.

  • Does it matter what will be the address for the card delivery? Does it have to be a business address or can I enter my residence address?

If you apply like a private person, you may order card only to your private residence address.

If you apply under a company name, card may be shipped under the contact person’s name to the company’s address, or the contact person’s private address.

Ako niste pronašli odgovor na vaše pitanje u ovom tekstu, pročitajte naredni.

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